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Halliwell's Film Quiz Book

By Andrew Murray

Published by HarperCollins (2000)

ISBN 0006531946

  • At which motel is it advisable not to take a shower?
  • Why did Rick say he had come to Casablanca?
  • Which film was conceived with characters called Anakin Starkiller and Leia Aguilae?
  • Who had to rescue Pepperland from the Blue Meanies?
  • Zither music.  A ferris wheel.  Harry Lime.  The film?

Expanding on the most well known and immensely succesful film brand,Halliwell's, the Halliwell's Film Quiz Book is packed full with 1,500 questions- and answers - on every aspect of the film world. From the best and the worst films, and everything in between, to the actors and actresses which grace the silver screen, it is a comprehensive teaser, guaranteed to stretch even the most knowledgeable film buff. The third book in the Halliwell's range, the Film Quiz Book is a must for all film fans.

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